Copyright & A2K Issues - 2 April 2012

Protection of State Information Bill (South Africa)

Varsities ‘no’ to Info Bill


Intellectual Property

UK Publishers Association Outraged It Wasn't Consulted Ahead Of The Public Over Open Access To Publicly-Funded Research

EU Extension of Copyright Protection for Sound Recordings: a Blessing or Blunder?

Urgent: Defend a Balanced UK Approach to Copyright

Harry Potter Breaks e-Book Lockdown

 Articles opposing ACTA:

James Love (USA) –

Peter Yu (USA) –

Andrew Rens (South Africa) –

Matthew Rimmer (Australia) –


Michael Geist (Canada) –

Michael Lee (Australai) –

Sean Flynn (USA) –

Various Articles on ACTA –

Olivia Solon (UK) –

David Levine – (USA) -

IFLA Position Paper –

Commissioner Karel De Gucht (EU Commission) –


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Wellcome Trust suggests institutional responsibility for open access compliance

Why Google Scholar has Trouble Indexing Institutional Repositories

As Google acts, the question is: have we lost our privacy to the internet?

World Bank Gets Open – Google Not So Much

Peter Suber’s ‘Promoting Open Access in the Humanities’ – Eight Years Later


Conference alerts:

4th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP 2012)

19-21 September 2012, Budapest Hungary