Copyright & A2K Issues - 20 December 2016


Intellectual Property:

Copyright & Related Resources

Trump on Copyright: How the Trump Administration will approach copyright law and potential copyright reforms

Round-up of the week at WIPO’s copyright committee

European Commission proposes copyright exception for researchers

The End of Ownership - Personal Property in the Digital Economy


EIFL Documents:

New EIFL resource on inter-library document supply

New resource on cross-border access to knowledge

EIFL Handbook on Copyright and Related Issues


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Let’s speed up science with open access publishing

IFLA Journal – December 2016

Scholarly Communication/Publishing Resources


Traditional Knowledge:

South Africa: Committee On Cooperative Governance Holds Public Hearings in Mthatha

WIPO Members Update Draft Text on Protecting Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge Resources

Traditional Knowledge and Culture Expressions Act 2016 (Kenya)